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Gay Cartoons Games Is Coming With Some Kinky Spoofs

When it comes to parody porn games, the world of straight porn is focusing a lot of adult swim cartoons. However, the adult gaming industry was missing a specific niche for some adult gaming fun that was inspired by some of our childhood heroes. Some of them were extra cool, some of them were extra sweet, and some of them were straight on maddening because they were intentionally designed to appeal to the fantasies of the young horny guys who were thirsty for some dick and ass. You won’t believe what cartoon characters were turned into gay loves in this collection and they were paired with boys from other series in unique fantasies that will make you want to spend the whole time playing the games and jerking off pleasing your childhood fantasies. There are also so many kinks that you can enjoy while playing the games. There are games in this collection that will even please fetishes you didn’t know you have. And we even have some gender bender games in which female characters are turned into girls with dicks for all your tranny fantasies.

All the games of this site are coming in this collection are created using HTML5, which is giving developers the opportunity to imitate the original designs of the characters, so that you will be fooled at times that you are actually watching the real deal. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of cartoons were spoofed in these gay games.

Cartoon Characters Getting It The Ass

Finding games for this collection wasn’t that easy, but we knew exactly what we needed for a collection that will please anyone. We’ve tried to cover all the main niches of cartoons out there in the sex games of our site. When it comes to ruining your childhood, we have gay Jonny Bravo games, hot gender bender with My Little Pony TS and so much more. The adult swim cartoons were also reinterpreted as gay games, with Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson and other guys like Cleveland Brown all swarding dicks with their sons. We also have some hardcore sex games with some of your favorite superheroes. Who didn’t want to fuck Batman, Superman or even the guys from XMan. And there are so much more games in this collection, which are coming with characters from all kinds of animations. Have you always wanted to fuck Mr. Incredible or even Shrek? Now it’s your chance.

The games are coming with so many kinks in them that you won’t know where to start. Some of them are played as sex simulators in which you will be able to fuck a character in any way you want, gaping their hole and deepthroating them until you cum on your face. But there are also some games in which you will be the one who gets fucked in the ass by your favorite cartoon character. And you can even find some RPG games in this collection which are reinterpreting the universes of the favorite cartoons as fantasy universes in which you’ll go on themes and adventures as the ones they had in the original episodes.

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The games that we have on this site are all played directly in your browser. You won’t need any kind of extension and the games are loading up almost instantly. Since there won’t be any kind of registration and since we never ask for any kind of personal info, no one will ever know that you’re on this site and we offer end to end encryption. Your kink is safe with us and you can enjoy it in peace. There are also some community features on the site so that you can comment on the games and also a message board where you can further discuss lots of kinks and even request future parody games. We keep looking for them and we upload new games on a regular basis. So, bookmark Gay Cartoons Games today and come back tomorrow for some more dirty parody kinks.

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